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So you decided to become really serious about taking press work into your own hands? Great! Here it is: the secret sauce to your first publication!


This 3 month course with access to online materials and videos for 12 months is a perfect starter! It gives you anything you need to not only prepare the foundation your first press features, you also plan your PR year ahead. 

This fully-blown PR online course dives deep into the topic of how to get publicity and make yourself heard as an expert. Get your story right, know your ideal publications and learn how to contact the right journalist at the right time. Curious? Get on the waitlist and I'll notify you when we get started! 

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Create your publicity debut 

This PR online course reveals the secret of authentic, good media relations work in 12 weeks. After these three months, you will have learned how to get covered with your expert topics in the media, how to identify the right journalists, and most importantly you will have a clear idea on the stories that journalists will love! We will also set up your full media relations and PR plan for 2021 and onwards, learn from peers in Masterclasses and interviews and I introduce you to my very own tools I developed to make things easier in PR.


Who is this course for? 


This course is for anyone who wants to understand PR and take control of their media relations, and therefore their media presence. It is suited for business owners, online business entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, self-employed and start-ups who want to bring their expertise infront of larger audiences. The course is ideal if you are new to PR or simply want to bring more structure to your existing media work.

What others say about my course

Master class! Ingenious PR course for female entrepreneurs. Nadine inspires with competence, esprit and creativity to finally put his light on the bushel. In just 4 weeks you learn how to land the right story with the right media and journalists. Thank you for your comprehensive and inspiring course! 

Iris Seng, Business-Story Architect, 

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