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Request Nadine Bütow to enhance your personal or business event, provide valuable add-on content to your online course or benefit from her expertise in the fields of communications, marketing, media, female entrepreneurship and female leadership through features or interviews.


Official Bio

Nadine is a communications and media expert with a focus on publicity and positioning. She helps ambitious entrepreneurs to share their story, expertise and expert knowledge with the media and supports building mutual ties between entrepreneurs and journalists. Her mission is to make the voices of the entrepreneurial scene heard more to have a positive impact on people's societal and personal lives. At the same time, she aims at facilitating the life of journalists through receiving thoughtful, authentic and unique stories that do not waste their time.

She draws from her professional experience of more than ten years as a strategic communications consultant at a leading international critical issues firm as well as six years of working with entrepreneurs and online coaches. She is the founder of CREATE YOUR PUBLICITY DEBUT, an online signature program helping clients to grasp the media world and prepare the ground for their first media feature.  

In her free time, Nadine heads Germany's first corporate female leadership research at the Digital Media Women, Germany's largest online network of women from the digital economy. Named #30mit30, her team and she investigate what it takes for corporates to have 30+ percent of women in the first three management levels.

As a mom of three, she is conscious of the hurdles to be a successful female entrepreneur. She is an ardent advocate of gender equality and convinced that only an equitable sharing of care work between both parents allows for a satisfying work life balance and career chances for both.

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Full Name: Nadine Bütow 
Phonetical Pronunciation: na-dine bue-tow
Preferred Pronouns: She / Her / Hers

Approved Photos for Publicity Use

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Speaking and Workshop Topics

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  • Management: How companies can reach a minimum of 30 percent of women in management

  • Corporate Culture: Don’t change the women, change the system

  • Entrepreneurship: Why it’s the best time for women to start and how to make it work

  • Female Networks: Benefits for corporates and individuals

Coffee and Magazines


  • Media Relations: How Publicity can boost your business

  • Stories in Media: What are the stories journalists love?

  • Visibility and personal branding: How to get found as an expert

  • Digitalization and equality: Opportunities for societies and corporates

Phone Tripod


  • PR meets entrepreneurship: Where to focus on and start

  • Get featured: How small business get covered by the press

  • Writing class: Create articles that convince audiences