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I help entrepreneurs to build an authentic publicity with key media and get covered in the press.

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my name is Nadine Bütow. I’m a media and marketing strategist and I teach PR and media relations to entrepreneurs to get their name, story and ideas into the media.

It’s time to stand out in the crowd. Your story deserves to be heard by larger audiences!


How can publicity benefit you?

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Have you ever wondered, why some of your peers or competitors have a better profile in the public, attract more clients or have elevated their brand in a short period of time? The one differentiator might be their investment long-term public relations and media work. 

Publicity is essential for your business growth 


  • You can establish instant credibility and trust, 

  • Improve the perception of your brand and its related value,

  • reach new audiences,

  • raise your profile and awareness,

  • elevates your brand,

  • accelerates your business growth and sales, and

  • go beyond national borders with one hit!

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Your Publicity Start: Find the stories that journalists love!

Would you like to kick off your publicity in 2021? Learn how to find unique, compelling and authentic stories about you in 4 weeks! I will take you through my storymaker program with various easy and fun tools which I created just for this purpose. Let’s get it started - without the overwhelm!


Step-by-step instructions + facebook community + downloadable workbooks + Q&A calls + feedback rounds


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T O   S H I N E.




W  O  R  L  D.

Female Entrepreneur Association

How can we work together?



Create your publicity debut 

This fully-blown PR online course dives deep into the topic of how to get publicity and make yourself heard as an expert. Get your story right, know your ideal publications and learn how to contact the right journalist at the right time.


In-depth and intense

This power hour will bring you on the right PR track. It is in-depth counselling in which you gain clarity on your very individual PR objectives and media strategy and how to achieve them. This hour is tailored for you. 


Instant clarity on your PR-strategy for fast action takers 

This day will substitute 4 weeks – so be prepared to work hard for massive input and knowledge to set your media strategy up for the coming months. We will be working in one intense full-day format. 





Take your business to the next level with me

For a defined period of time we will be jointly working on the planning, setup and roll out of your media relations and PR strategy. I will support your execution and set you up for a mind-blowing PR Year 2021/2022.

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What can I do for you today?

Prepare for an interview

Write a press release

You landed a pitch for an interview and would like to prepare? What are the do's and dont's? How do you start? 

You would like to write a kick-ass press release, but writing is not your favorite? No problem! We'll look into this together.

Prepare for podcast / broadcast

You were invited to speak at a podcast? Excellent! I'll guide you through this live event so you start the conversation with great confidence!

Write an article 

You pitched your story and may now write a content piece for the publication? Wow! I'll assist with everything you need, writing is my secret passion!

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Master class! Ingenious PR course for female entrepreneurs. Nadine inspires with competence, esprit and creativity to finally put his light on the bushel. In just 4 weeks you learn how to land the right story with the right media and journalists. Thank you for your comprehensive and inspiring course! 

Iris Seng, Business-Story Architect, 

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